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NHS Labs, Inc. FDA Registration #11161582544
NHS Labs, Inc. offers custom supplements, and Private Label Vitamins all in your brand name. Each month we add exciting new products for Private Label and custom supplement manufacturing. Please ask for our Private Label Vitamin Manufacturer Price Guide to view the existing Private Label stock vitamins, herbals, antioxidants, and sport nutrition products. As a vitamin supplier and manufacturer, we can offer a minimum of 60 bottles to Private Label our in-stock vtamins. We also offer very low minimums to produce your custom vitamin formulas and supplements.

NHS LABS Inc. is proud to announce its new division: NHS Analytical Labs, Inc.

Featured Products
Immune Aid
Vitamin D-3
Omega 3 EPA
Omega 3-6-9
CoQ-10 50 mg

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  • Over 30 years combined experience in Private label Vitamin Manufacturing, Quick production turn-around time, Low Minimums

  • Wholesale Vitamins - only 6 Bottles

  • Private label Vitamins - Only 60 Bottles Required (in stock), Custom vitamin manufacturing fulfillment abilities

  • Great Products for Wholesale, Retail & MLM Companies

  • Custom Vitamins

Career Opportunities at NHS LABS
If you'd like to be part of our fast-paced, vitamin manufacturer company, we are currently interviewing for Inside Sales and Production personnel. Please forward your resume to

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Private Label Vitamins Offered:
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Acai Berry
Acai Cleanse
Acai Cleanse with Caralluma
Acai Cleanse with Hoodia
Acai Freeze Dried Powder
Acetyl L-Carnitine
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100
Androstendione Gel
Anti-aging Fruit Serum Plus
B-12 1000
B-Complex with Vitamin C
Bariatric Pre- and Post-Op Forumulas
Beta Carotene
Biotin 1000
Blood Sugar Support
Body Slender
Body Slim w/Fucoxanthin
Body Slim & Tone w/Fucoxanthin
Brain Food NHX
Breast Enhancement Cream
Breast Enhancement Pills
CLA 1000mg
Caffeine Capsules
Calcium 600
Calcium 600 with D
Calcium/Magnesium+D Liquid
Carbohydrate Blocker
Cascara Sagrada
Children's Health
Cellulite Formula
Co Q10
Coconut Oil
Coral Calcium
Coral Calcium Powder
Corta Trim and Tone
Cram Night™
DHEA - 50 mg
Diet Pills - Energy
Diet Package
Digestion Products
Energy Drinks
Evening Primrose Oil
Essential Oil Plus
Ester C™ Chewable Vitamin C
Eye Health
Firming Day Cream
Folic Acid 800
Fucoxanthin Plus
Ginkgo Biloba
Glucosamine  500/400
Glucosamine Extra Strength
Glucose Drink Shot
Green Food Plus
Green Food Supplements

HGH & HGH Spray
Hair Skin Nail
Heartburn Relief
Hoodia Diet Extra Tabs
Herbal V Max
Hydrating Cream
Immune Spray
Insured Vitamin Drink with HMB
Isoflavones 750
Joint Pain Relief Shot
Krill Oil
Liquid Calcium Magnesium Plus (with Vitamin D)
Low Carb Multivitamin
MSM 750
Maxa-Lotion for Men
Mega B 500
Men's Enlargement Formula
Men's Health
Mensoy Plus
Mood Aid Formula
NHS Endurance Edge
Multivitamin Complex for Men
NHS Chronic Pain
NHS Protein Water
Natural Progesterone Cream
NO2 Plus
Odorless Garlic
Omega 3
Omega 3 Plus
Organic Flaxseed Oil
Organic Supplements
Prenatal Vitamin
Protein Diet Drink
Pure Fiber
Saw Palmetto 320
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Selenium 100mcg
Single Ingredient Products
Skin Care
Sleep Formula
Sleep Shot
Slim Lipo Plus
Speciality Products
Sports Nutrition
Super Joint w/Omega
Tart Cherry
Vitamin D-3
Vitamin D-3 Dropper
Vitamin D Softgels
Vitamin K2
Whey Fit - Ready to Drink
Woman's Health
Woman's Skin Care
Women's Vi-Sensity
Women's Vrx

For complete in stock pricing and catalog, email us, or call our national sales office at 888.841.4132
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