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Wholesale and Private Label Raspberry Ketones

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Raspberry KetonesRaspberry Ketones

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Raspberry Ketones are being called a “miracle in a bottle” by well-known doctors such as Dr. Oz, and for good reason!  Although Raspberry Ketones have been available for decades, their recent arrival in the spotlight is not surprising.  Those familiar with Ketones have been touting the health and weight loss benefits for years.  Now retailers are finding it hard to keep this product on the shelf due to increased demand by consumers who are now not only hearing the hype, but finding that the hype is well backed by solid results.

The science behind the success of Raspberry Ketones is their ability to stimulate the body's production of adiponectin, a hormone that improves the ability to metabolize fat.  Adiponectin breaks up fat within the cells, helping the body burn fat faster and more effectively.  Raspberry Ketones have been classified as “Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)” by the FDA since 1965.  GRAS product status is only granted after a clear consensus by researchers and scientists.

In numerous studies Raspberry Ketones have been shown to hinder the growth of fatty tissue and boost metabolic rates.  (Click here to learn about the studies -  They are also effective at suppressing hunger.  Our formula incorporates B-Complex vitamins that may help activate the Raspberry Ketones for even better results, providing increased energy and enhanced mood. 

Adding Raspberry Ketones to any diet is a smart choice.   Without changing food choices, adding a daily regimen of Raspberry Ketones will produce results.  Making moderate strides towards healthier food consumption in addition to Raspberry Ketones usage will provide even more dramatic results.  Taking a further step by adding daily exercise to the smarter food choices and Raspberry Ketones gives a recipe for a leaner body, NOW!  Many have noticed visible results within two weeks of starting Ketones. 

**NHS Labs Raspberry Ketones is the highest quality, most complete on the market.  With all of the health benefits of the Ketones, it's no wonder they are flying off store shelves worldwide.  More than just a recent fad, Ketones have more repeat customers than any other ingredient in the weight loss product category over the past decade.  Our Raspberry Ketones product is a must-add to your product line! Call for exclusive wholesale and private label pricing! 888-546-8694 or 208-898-4183

raspberry ketones

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