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Manufacturing Photo Gallery

We have recently incorporated into our fully automatic and semi automatic capsule filler with combined production capacity up to 85,000 capsules per hour. These accurately fill sizes 00-3 capsules.

In addition we have installed a New Technology in mixers bringing on a Multi Directional Mixer, this design enables the mixer to turn at a 360 degree rotation while shifting side to side up to a 45 degree angle. This will reduce mixing time up to 50% compared to a conventional V blender.

In the coming months we will be incorporating a QA lab to assure the validity of all raw materials and finished product, this will set us apart from the vast majority of manufacturers who rely solely on the raw material vendors word that the material is authentic and free of pathogens.

Below you will find pictures of all machines, including our Pharmafill capsule and tablet counter and automatic Label applicator.


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