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Private Labeling Costs and Policies

We must have a paid order on file, North Fork Nutra we will only print labels that correspond to a existing order.

Printing Fee: If you would like North Fork Nutra to use our existing labels and modify only the "Distributed by" section, the cost for printing varies from $0.35 - $0.70 per label depending on label size, and quantity.

Label Setup Fee: 250.00 (one time) set-up fee if you would like North Fork Nutra to create a new label for you. $100 for each additional product label thereafter.

If customers are setting up labels on their own:

  1. North Fork Nutra will send labels in a word file with all FDA required information including supplement facts, directions, lot number and expiration date.

  2. Customers will then send the label for final approval. North Fork Nutra will approve or advise customer that the label is accurate to the best of our knowledge. North Fork Nutra does not guarantee that your labels are FDA or GMP compliant. If you would like to have your labels reviewed by an attorney that specializes in this field, we can recommend individuals to contact.

    • North Fork Nutra will charge a fee to correct.

    • If our customer chooses not to pay and wants to correct the label on their own, North Fork Nutra will await the corrected label from customer and no further emails will be sent.

If customer is paying a label setup fee:

  1. Customer should send North Fork Nutra a detailed explanation of their idea and thoughts for their label. Include - Text information, rough sketch, etc to give the designer an idea of your vision for the label..

  2. After receipt of initial design the customer is allowed 2 back and forth minor design changes. If after this the customer wants to continue to make more changes the customer will incur a $50 fee per label alteration.

  3. Final version of label will be sent to customer, and upon approval, North Fork Nutra will print label.

Note: Labels must correspond with product production if customer is providing the labels, and we need to have the final approved label ready to print in accordance with our sales order confirmation. Please read your sales order for confirmation on this policy.

If a customer wishes to print and send labels to North Fork Nutra , the lot number and expiration date will be provided to customer, must be put on label, and North Fork Nutra must approve label prior to printing.


  • Send us artwork for the front panel of the label in a PDF high resolution file and "Distributed by" information for back panel (3 line max).

  • Or you may use our standard label with your "Distributed by" info and there will be no set-up fee.

We will send a proof to you, prior to printing the labels. After you sign off on the label, we will print within 24 hours. Our normal turn around time is 7-10 business days for all instock Private label Products.

Maximum Label Sizes:

This is only for White HDPE Bottles. For color labels each bottle has to be verified.

Bottle Label Size
50cc 1 ½ x 4 ½
75cc 1 5/8 x 5 1/8
100cc 2 x 5.5
120cc 2 x 6
150cc 2.25 x 6.5 ("in house" 2.125 X 5.875)
180cc 2.25 x 6.5
225cc (200cc) 2.5 x 7 ("in house" 2.5 X 6.5)
275cc 2.5 x 7
300cc 3 x 7 ½
400cc 3 x 8.5
500cc 3 3/8 x 8 ¼
625cc 4 x 9
750cc 4 x 10
950cc 4 x 10
1250cc 4 x 12 ½
1500cc 5 x 11

1 oz 

1 ½ x 3 5/8   ("in house" 1.5 X 3.375)

2oz Cosmetic

1 ½ x 4 ½

4 oz Cosmetic

1 ½ x 5

For other sizes we would need to contact the supplier.

Rewind Position 4 (left side first off)
3” core
12” maximum roll
Minimum 1/16” gap between labels

Printing and Setup:

PC is used.
Outline all the fonts.
Send images embedded in the file.
Preferred format is an Illustrator, Photoshop, or TIFF file.  High Resolution PDF or JPEG can be used as well.
Art and graphics need to be 600 DPI for best resolution.
Minimum type size is 4.5 pt.
Supplement Facts, directions, and warnings will be provided upon request.

****Visual colors and clarity (resolution) vary between your monitor and when printed.  If color and clarity are critical, then we highly recommend a printed proof is requested. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee your labels will be an accurate representation of the art that is sent.