About NHS Labs

North Fork Nutra offers custom supplements, and Private Label Vitamins all in your brand name. Each month we add exciting new products for Private Label and custom supplement manufacturing. Please ask for our Private Label Vitamin Manufacturer Price Guide to view the existing Private Label stock vitamins, herbals, antioxidants, and sport nutrition products. As a vitamin supplier and manufacturer, we offer low minimums to Private Label our in-stock vitamins. We also offer very low minimums to produce your custom vitamin formulas and supplements.

While NHS LABS was founded initially on nutrition, exercise and the benefits of correctly combining both - NHS LABS gradually became more and more focused on proper nutritional planning. The result of the research and development with this goal in mind has given NHS Labs a reputation as one of the leading contract manufacturers and private label companies in this industry.

Now with absolute emphasis on GMP manufacturing and satisfying all FDA standards, we are now doubtless at the forefront of the industry.

NHS Labs is privately owned and operated and is a successful leader in the production of private label nutritional supplements and vitamins. We offer a complete line of vitamins, herbs, sport nutrition formulas, creams, powders, and liquids.

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