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By choosing North Fork Nutra, you have continued assurance that only our on-going testing programs can provide.

North Fork Nutra Services Capabilities

Private Labeling
Assistance in Label Design and Printing
Quick Production Turn-around Time
Research and Development
International Export Assistance
Minimum Orders Lowest in Industry
Sourcing of Raw Materials
Initial Sample Production
Million Dollar Product Liability

North Fork Nutra facilities include fully-automated packaging lines that can accommodate just about any packaging option*, including:

  • Bottles both Glass and Plastic
  • Jars
  • Fiber cans

*Lot number and expiration dating are printed directly on the the label, helping maintain our exceptional quality control standards.

OTC Drugs
Raw Material Provider
Bars (For examples Click here)
Complete Packaging
Unit & other special Packages

Manufacturing Protocol

North Fork Nutra adheres to the following processes each and every day to assure our customer's receives the quality products they deserve.

Vendor Audit - Prospective raw material suppliers are validated and visited , inspected to ensure their conformance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), equitable labor policies, and environmental responsibility.

Raw Materials Specifications - All incoming ingredients conform to pharmaceutical standards of purity and effectiveness and meet or exceed the strict Federal requirements of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

Receipt of Incoming Raw Materials - No ingredient is received at our manufacturing facility unless it is in properly labeled packaging with tamper-evident seals. All incoming shipments must be accompanied by full documentation, including independent Certificate of Laboratory Analysis.Packing Slip identifying product name and North Fork Nutra Corresponding PO #.

Identification Screening of Raw Materials - Our Quality Control inspectors employ advanced n-IR (near infrared) scanning probes, which send a high-intensity beam of energy though the sealed containers. As no two ingredients will absorb n-IR energy in the same way, a unique fingerprint can be determined for each ingredient.

Quarantine and Release of Raw Materials - Once positively identified, by comparing vendor Certificate of analysis, color, Lot # I.D., all incoming ingredients are segregated. Upon the release of raw material, the ingredients are released for use in production.

Ingredient Testing Methods - We will be implementing the mandatory FDA testing protocol per THE NEW GMP Guidelines, we look forward to implementing our analytical laboratory to assure the identity and potency of the ingredients in every North Fork Nutra supplement.

Pilot-Scale Blend Study - Pilot-scale is a process where we simply scaled-down a full production . A pilot batch of ingredients is blended to determine the ideal mixing time, product density which will ensure a uniform product.

Pilot studies enable our Chemist and Bio-chemist , and technicians to optimize each Master Formula. Once this has been established a pilot blend of ingredients is then converted into the appropriate dosage form (tablet, capsule, liquid, powder, etc.), so that strict tolerances can be set in the upcoming Master Formula for the finished product.

Master Formula - Each and Every North Fork Nutra product and supplement is produced from a precise pilot blend which is then converted into our Master Batch Formula.

The Master Batch Formula is comprised of a 15 page report detailing, this specifies each and every formula we produce.

The process, beginning with assigning the Lot # to the formula and documenting each and every process along the way, This report is unparalleled in the Vitamin manufacturing Industry,we do not know of any other manufacturer that follows the specific protocol and detailed process , we have developed at North Fork Nutra.

Full-Scale Production - All North Fork Nutra products are produced under climate-controlled conditions in FDA-inspected facilities operating under Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Weighing and Blending - Following the Master Formula, each ingredient is weighed, tagged, and placed in a separate container from each other ingredient. As each ingredient is weighed, both the operator and supervisor must sign off on the master batch record. This double signoff is repeated again when each ingredient is added to the blender. As a final step, the tags from each ingredient are tallied to eliminate any possibility of error.

Weight Variation Analysis - In-process, capsules are -weighed every ten minutes by quality control technicians to certify that all products are of uniform in weight for a consistent dosage. If a capsule is off by more then the assigned target weight, manufacturing ceases, and solution is determined, this is repeated EVERY 10 MINUTES.

Capsule Completion - Once a lot number from the Master Batch Record has been encapsulated , capsules are then polished and spot checked. This process will identify partially filled capsules and or damaged capsules, these capsules will be removed from the production and dispensed, thus assuring our customers receive a uniform a 100% filled capsule.

This is only a limited scope of what is involved in the entire process of producing and manufacturing your products, for further information on North Fork Nutra , it process, products ,private labeling opportunities and custom formulas, please call one of our customer service personnel with any questions you may have at 208.898.4183.


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