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NHS LABS has established a customer follow up program within the last year, as part of our ongoing effort efforts to satisfy out customers needs.

We call each and every customer that Private label with NHS Labs, within in 1 week after there product has been shipped, we do this primarily to assure all aspects of the order process went well, and to listen to how we can better serve our customers.

Feedback from our customers (names are withheld for privacy):

"I just wanted to let you know what an excellent experience we have had with Brandi and Bretony. Their customer service level is awesome-- and their response time is above and beyond what I get from my other manufacturers. I've even gotten responses from Brandi on the weekend, which was astounding. They are friendly, courteous and professional and we really enjoy working with them. They have made our experience with NHS a most excellent one. Thanks for compiling such a great team."
"Demir called from -------------- and extended a very gracious "Thank You" to everyone for helping him. He had his friend call and do translation for him and said "Thank You for paying attention to his order".

"I wanted to give you feedback on the Sleepy Shot. I took it on Tuesday night and then again on Wednesday night.
Tuesday Night - I took it about 9:45 in the evening. I noticed it working within about 5 minutes. I did get slightly light-headed at first and got into bed at 10:15 and was out very soon after that. I normally wake up about three times a night, I only woke up once. The next morning I wanted to sleep more and could have. Most mornings I want to sleep more, but would find it hard to do so. Wednesday Night - I took it about 10:00 at night. I did get a slightly less light-headed feeling. This time it took about 10 to 15 minutes before I feel asleep, I did wake up once like the night before. But, this time I woke up feeling very refreshed. So I noticed two things. First, I only woke up once, where I normally wake up two to three times a night. Second, I had, as I would describe it, a hard sleep. Very little tossing and turning.It worked for me! Let me know if there is any information I can provide for you. I can totally see this becoming as popular or even more popular than the 5 Hr Energy shot. Thanks Again."
"I received our first one and everything looks great."
"My order was handled promptly and shipped in a timely manner. My sales rep, the reps in the label department, and shipping always stayed in touch with me. They were very patient in answering my questions and keeping me posted on my order. All phone calls and e-mail were answered promptly. I look forward to working with NHS again."

"I received my order and I was very pleased with my first experience with NHS. I actually think the formula works better than the one we have used for 15 years. Plus your customer service is excellent ... I am planning on doing more business
with NHS."
Per phone conversation with [customer], product in good condition and is happy with sales of the product.
Per phone conversation with [customer], product in good condition and is extremely happy with the product and sales of
Per [customer], very happy with product, however, would like shortened turnaround time.
Spoke to [customer]. Is happy with product and sales of.
Sent email to [customer] asking if he is happy with the product and sales thereof. Returned email saying he's very happy with product and has placed another order.
Per phone conversation with [customer], product is in good condition and [customer] is very happy with product results.
Per [customer], order was prompt and is very happy with the product and the label. Will reorder soon.
Spoke with [customer], happy with the research and development.
Spoke with [customer]. Is very happy with product and received it in good condition. Placed another order for HGH spray.

Per phone conversation with [customer], received product in good condition and is very happy with product usage and sales of product.
Per phone conversation with [customer], product was sent to father, he is very happy with product.
Per phone conversation with [customer], received product in good condition and is very happy with it.
Per phone conversation with [customer], received product in good condition and is happy with how it is working in terms of sales & usage.

Easily one of the most professional companies that I have dealt with. They helped my company create several private label products and from start to finish to delivery, everything was done professionally and efficiently. Their customer service is top notch, their staff are very friendly and easy to work with. Stefani and Bretony went above and beyond to address any concerns or questions we had during every step of the of the order. I can not say enough good things about this company. We will definitely be working with NHS in the future.

I have to compliment your staff. I have ordered many products from your company and most recently, a custom formulation. Stefanie and Bretony are wonderful.
I will be ordering many more products from your company in the future.

Received R & D (HSN), will be sending in another order probably next week.
Very happy w/product, timely shipping and customer service.
Definitely happy with the product.
All is well; happy w/product.
Happy w/product and has no problems or concerns.

Received product in good shape and was happy with product.
Very happy and will be ordering again very soon.
Received intact and timely, all is well.

Was very happy with product.
I just wanted to let you know that the shipment has been delivered today and the products look great.

Hi and thank you all for the Red Yeast Rice formula. It looks great as usual.

Everything was great and thank you for calling.
Everything was ok and will be placing new order soon.

Thank you darling! Everything was great!
Yep everything was good, and just sent in another sales order.
Everything was good, appreciate it!
Everything was fine, received all the boxes, and appreciated the call.

Everything was good and wants to order more.
They were great and thanks for the call!
Everything arrived and was good.
Haven't checked to see if they arrived yet, but appreciated the call.
Great upsale product and has sold about 20% of them.
You guys did a great job!

"Everything was great! Thanks for calling, you guys did a great job!"— I.W.. K .L

Everything is great and we will be placing another order in the next couple of weeks.

Yes, everything went really well with our last product order. We are just waiting for our sales operation to launch. Thanks for the follow up.

Everything has arrived and we're very happy. We loaded them on to the site yesterday so we'll see how we go. All been well we'll be placing another order soon. Thanks for all your help.

Everything worked out fine, thank you. We already shipped 25% of the order after it arrived...
I will be ordering more product this month. Thanks

"Received the goods intact, with plastic seals and in good condition. I am very grateful doing business with you and your company."

Happy with the last order.

Happy with last order, placing new order today.

Happy with order, was in timely fashion.

Hi Connie,
I just got your voice mail and everything with the bottles/labels are great, just how i wanted. I am going to be ordering a few thousand in a couple weeks and probably more after that.

Thank you so much for so quickly following up with this.


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